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HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Monday 19 July 2021

In this weeks newsletter, we've covered Thales funding, Polynomial Funding and the ongoing Purge proposal.
HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Monday 19 July 2021
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  • Thales Funding Post
  • Polynomial Funding Discussion/Voting
  • Brink Funding Discussion/Voting/Sentiment
  • Upcoming Purge Contract published and related discussion

Thales Funding Round Completed

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Read more about the binary options platform and the DAO’s/VC’s that contributed to the first funding round  - https://thalesmarket.medium.com/binary-options-platform-thales-completes-2-5-million-dao-first-funding-round-410ec0c3aa29

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Polynomial Funding Discussion & Voting live


Polynomial Protocol uses Uniswap v3 to create deep liquidity for option contracts. Call options are created using the UMA protocol’s Long Short Pair library. Uniswap v3 liquidity for options are managed by Polynomial Protocol and rebalanced frequently using the Black Scholes pricing mechanism. Their targeted protocols include Opyn, UMA, Charm Finance, Pods Finance, Hegic, Auctus, Siren Markets and Primitive Finance. They plan to launch on Ethereum, Optimism and Arbitrum.
Check out their deck, quite interesting - https://polynomial.fi/deck.pdf
Check out the Hive post - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/polynomial-options-liquidity-protocol/240
Discuss with their team - https://discord.com/channels/830137135540994062/864549425464082453/864562400070336563
To fund or not to fund? Vote now if you haven’t  - https://vote.honeydao.com/#/honeydao.eth/proposal/QmPQggNGtRPTGseXnLyRCykPXMbuVfydaFecA8BVqfoELg

Upcoming Purge


HoneyDAO Purge Proposal is active. Inactive HoneyDAO members will be removed in batches, with each batch having unique parameters to replace inactive members with active members. If the proposal passes, members who meet these given criteria will be removed:-

  1. Never voted in Snapshot, (if no one comes in this filter, see 2.) (https://bafybeibgjfmgmgcs4wuigvtu7bptegcqxas3ln4xpd7czz7o2satuopb5e.ipfs.infura-ipfs.io/)
  2. Anyone who didn’t vote in the last 5 closed proposals (https://bafybeih4gw7d7k4nsk2dnecbi2otdjgq3erx3aboixigzyqpfiaqdzwvay.ipfs.infura-ipfs.io/)

Members not on the list will be removed from the DAO if the Purge proposals pass.

Post-purge discussion is also active at - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/post-purge-adds-removes-and-ex-member-support/247, a new channel will be created for invested ex-members also ways to make locked up assets liquid.

Vote now - https://vote.honeydao.com/#/honeydao.eth/proposal/QmVtm7EFFg2ti9jqDp1DXTGebe41ZTuRL8ioJVna5JTJ96