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HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 25 July 2021

For this week's recap, we have the Thales Council elections, the HoneyDAO purge and a surprise at EthCC Paris. Check us out πŸ‘€
HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 25 July 2021
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  • Thales Council elections
  • HoneyDAO purge completed
  • HoneyDAO appearance at EthCC Paris

Thales Council elections live

We Want You / Uncle Sam

$SNX stakers are currently invited to vote and elect in the first Thales Council. Council positions are incentivized, 4 spots to be filled.

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Purge of inactive members

Proposal to remove inactive members based on DAO voted criteria has been passed and executed. Members have been airdropped with new tokens and a multisig will be the owner of the contract. Now the DAO can add and remove members swiftly.

HoneyDAO appearance at EthCC - Ethereum Community Conference

Sweet honey alpha reported to be found laying around at EthCC Paris. Did you get any, anon?