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HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 11 July 2021

HoneyDAO Weekly Updates, Thales Funding concluded, HoneyDAO's First Community Call and Work Portal Live. New projects by HoneyDAO members.
HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 11 July 2021
Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev / Unsplash


  • Fixing Marketing Dilemma
  • Thales Market funding concludes
  • HoneyDAO’s first community call
  • InsureDAO looking for a full-stack engineer
  • HoneyDAO Work/Bounty portal live

Hai Kukoten has posted a fix for Marketing for the DAO

TLDR: Gather a crypto community in a Telegram channel through airdrop posts on Twitter and use the Telegram channel in marketing the DAO’s portfolio. It enables project marketing without relying on Influencers.

Read more - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/fixing-marketing-dilemma/234/8

Thales Funding concludes, raised $238,010

HoneyDAO has successfully concluded an investment round for Thales Market alongside Framework Capital, IOSG, Apollo Capital and others. Thales Market community funding was completed in a record 6 days. A total of 43 members contributed to the funding and raised $238,010.

HoneyDAO's First Community Call

HoneyDAO’s first community call held on 04.07.21 was a success with ~13 members who actively participated in the call. Members discussed the upcoming purge, work portal for collaboration, marketing strategy, as well as the DAO’s roadmap.

HoneyDAO’s Work/Collaboration Portal Live

HoneyDAO’s collaboration portal is now live at https://w.honeydao.com. Members can post works, take up works, and collaborate with assigned members to work together. We already have some jobs posted.

Job Openings

InsureDAO is looking for a full-stack engineer with some experience in React.js, CSS, JS, and Solidity.
Apply Now - https://angel.co/company/insuredao/jobs/1443859-full-stack-engineer

Projects listed on Hive this week:

Brink by alma
Brink is a DeFi conditional orders platform that lets you create limit orders on any ERC20 token pair that has a Uniswap market.

How does Brink work?
Users generate a Brink smart contract account that is owned by a Metamask address. Orders can then be signed using Metamask and publicly broadcasted for executors to mine. The current set of executors are sourcing liquidity through Uniswap V1 and V2 markets. As more executors enter the network, more liquidity sources will be added, resulting in better pricing. Executors pay gas for transactions to be executed and profit by arbitraging between the order price and AMM liquidity.

Interested? https://hive.honeydao.com/t/brink-conditional-orders-and-automated-loss-protection-for-ethereum/235/13

Vodra by SneakHunt
Vodra allows creators to pursue their passions while being fairly compensated. We accomplish this with our decentralized donation platform that aims to shift online entertainment compensation towards a direct creator-to-audience participation model.
Post on Hive - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/vodra-influencer-rewards-platform-on-matic/237/8

HUSL by tarlog
An exciting new NFT platform empowering musicians to interact with their fans in a meaningful way.
Post on Hive - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/husl-nft-project-private-round/236/3

Revest by SneakHunt
Revest Finance proposes a new protocol for the packaging, transfer, and storage of fungible ERC-20 tokens as non-fungible tokenized financial instruments.
Post on Hive - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/revest-finance-instant-liq-for-locked-vested-staked-assets/213/7