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HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 8 Aug 2021

HoneyDAO will soon start to incentivise DAO participation. InsureDAO Testnet has launched πŸ”₯, Divergence Testnet will launch soon πŸš€ and Thales Olympics Market resolved by Chainlink oracles.
HoneyDAO Weekly Newsletter - Sunday 8 Aug 2021
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  • Insure DAO Incentivized Testnet Launched
  • Divergence Community Testnet Coming Soon
  • Thales Olympics Market Resolved
  • Incentivized Participation

InsureDAO Incentivized Testnet is out!

InsureDAO has launched their incentivized testnet. Currently, over 1500 users have participated in the testnet. Complete their Testnet missions to be eligible for the airdrop after launch!

InsureDAO Testnet Launched πŸŽ‰
InsureDAO crossed 1500 Testnet participants πŸ™Œ

Divergence Community Testnet coming soon!

Divergence is the go-to platform for volatility hedging and trading with a focus on blockchain-native asset prices, value of LP tokens, interest rates, DeFi farming & staking rewards. They will be launching their community testnet soon.

Divergence Upcoming Testnet and more
Divergence Explainer πŸ‘€

Join Divergence on Telegram - https://t.me/divergenceprotocol

Thales Olympics Market Resolved πŸ‘

HoneyDAO Participation Incentivization

Previously, RickCrosschain initiated the importance of incentivizing DAO treasury funding and participation through rewards and more. Hai Kukoten expanded on the same by discussing to fund the treasury using future DAO fees.

Rick’s idea - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/selling-honey-and-nfts/256/20
Raising fund for treasury - https://hive.honeydao.com/t/raising-fund-for-treasury/257/9