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HoneyDAO x Atlantis World

HoneyDAO is proud to support Atlantis World with our first ever grant.
HoneyDAO x Atlantis World
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The metaverse is a concept frequently thrown around in crypto. What is a metaverse exactly? It is a shared virtual space on the internet where participants can interact with one another, akin to gaming worlds or augmented virtual reality.

DeFi User Experience

The world of DeFi is still foreign to many, presenting a daunting experience. HoneyDAO’s grant is a pledge to help push the adoption of DeFi to the masses, especially the unbanked. We, at HoneyDAO, are believers in the gamification of DeFi as a potential solution and have provided a grant to Atlantis World as a testament to this.

Atlantis World is a web3 metaverse with graphics reminiscent of old 90s video games like Pokemon. The virtual world can be accessed from any web browser on any device, anywhere in the world, aligning with the belief that the metaverse should be open without a high-cost barrier of entry. Within Atlantis, DeFi products are presented in fun, gamified ways to create a more inviting user experience. Complementary interactive tutorials help to ease the learning curve for onboarding new users.

Atlantis World demo

Entering the bank in the metaverse allows the user to access high interest savings via DeFi applications like Aave and YFI. Swaps on dexes are presented as money changers. This simplifies the interaction into a familiar concept for non-crypto natives.

Social Chatter, DAOs & NFTs

One of the more compelling features of the platform is their enabling of fully web3 enabled, token gated spaces. Picture a city in the world where your token holdings are your keys for entry, enhancing the immersion of a community beyond the usual means (eg. Discord, Telegram, Twitter). The possibilities here are endless; hosting virtual events + social spaces for the community, enabling opt-in video/audio calling, stages, gamified DeFi + native DAO voting and more. HoneyDAO will definitely be setting up shop in the metaverse.

Beyond the gamification of DeFi and social experience, Atlantis World also integrates NFTs into the world. The world will facilitate the purchasing of NFTs, have NFT galleries and potentially enable NFT avatars in the game’s native sprite form. Users can also apply to governance to occupy land and build businesses within Atlantis city. Think independent art exhibitions, NFT drops, virtual co-working spaces and much more.

Atlantis World can be encapsulated with this quote from founder CJ Herthington, “a bustling entrepreneurial city where ETH is money and culture is king”. HoneyDAO is excited to partner with the Atlantis World team and help their vision unfold.